Jessica Eschbach

Communications Manager

Get To Know Jesse Eschbach:

Jesse is the Communications Manager at SharedTEAMS and has been with the company for over two years. As a seasoned communications manager with 7+ years in the industry, she provides content marketing, business communications, and copywriting solutions for businesses across industries through her strong foundation and passion for written marketing solutions.

Jesse is a research-minded marketing writer with a propensity for creativity and ingenuity. She has vast experience in internal and external communications, press releases, blogs, newsletters, data management, and e-communications. She spearheads business communications planning, conceptualization, development, and fine-tuning. Her skills in strategy planning, delivery, copywriting, website content, and internal and external media help businesses stand out from the rest through intentional, high-quality content.

She works strategically through writing to convey the member’s preferred message to their audience to increase engagement and customer experience through written content. With her exceptional interpersonal skills and expertise boosting businesses’ communication goals, she assists businesses across every industry in strengthening their written communication and brand presence.

Jessica’s Skills:

Creative Writing 95%
Marketing Communications 90%
Editing 85%
Strategic Planning 80%
Research 75%

Jesse’s Hobbies:

Line Dancing

When Jesse isn’t creating amazing content for members, she spends her time line dancing, choreographing, and immersing herself in the world of books and movies.

Jessica’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“The support that SharedTEAMS offers both its members and employees. They support both at the maximum level, which is rare to find. It’s a unique aspect of what makes SharedTEAMS the way it is and creates a supportive, creative, and healthy work environment.”

Jesse’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
Horse Jockey Or Ocean Animal Researcher
Jesse’s Dream Travel Locations Are:

Did You Know?

Jesse has taken her love for line dancing and made a name for herself in that world. She is a champion line dancing choreographer and has even won America’s largest line dancing competition.


Jessica’s ARTICLES:

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