Alex Roy

Website Manager

Get To Know Alex Roy:

Alex Roy is the Website Manager for SharedTEAMS. He’s been with the company for over a year but has been in the marketing world for many years. His mom is a talented and experienced graphic design professor and raised Alex from a young age to seek beauty and design in the world around him. Alex utilizes his experience and knowledge to lead the direction of our member’s website design and technical programs.

Alex has worked in website design and development for 20+ years, helping efficiently perform website analysis and user tests to ensure proper content and data systems management. In addition, he designs, develops, and maintains website build and content, state standards, ADA standards, and design aspects, and assists in streamlining the creation of both external and internal websites.

Highly adept and knowledgeable in website development and management, Alex helps to drive qualified organic website traffic and increase sales leads for businesses in every industry.

Alex’s Skills:

Graphic Design 95%
CSS-Type Design 90%
HTML 85%
Troubleshooting 80%
WordPress Management 75%

Alex’s Hobbies:


Alex’s significant other works in the veterinary field, and together, they’ve rescued dozens of animals. They live on a small farm and take care of their many rescue animals, which takes up a lot of their free time. When Alex isn’t working or caring for animals, he also enjoys riding motorcycles, and learning about new technologies.

Alex’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“I love the flexibility of working with SharedTEAMS. The flexibility gives me the freedom to also tend to my animals while also allowing me to structure my workload and workflow.”

Alex’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
Military or Law Enforcement
Alex’s Dream Travel Locations Are:

Did You Know?

Alex has a unique work history, including when he was a private investigator. During this time, he investigated legal and workplace injury claims. He even did implant work where he took a job undercover at places under suspicion of mistreating employees or employees abusing the workplace.



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