Robert Sagun

Design Manager

Get To Know Bob Sagun:

Bob Sagun is the Design Manager at SharedTEAMS. He has been with the company for 8 years. He specializes in logo and brand identity development, ad design, and designing custom graphics, but also excels at website development and design.

Bob has worked in graphic design for 17 years and in website design for 16 years. He is adept at designing digital and print graphics, mockup creation, and illustration as well as front-end website development, HTML/CSS coding, and application UI development.

Highly knowledgeable in graphic design and management, Bob helps businesses in every industry develop and implement their brand identities to build and convert their audiences.

Bob’s Skills:

Logo & Brand Identity Design 95%
WordPress Website Development 90%
UI Design 85%
Art Direction 80%
Custom Graphic Design 75%

Bob’s Hobbies:

Playing Guitar

Drawing keeps Bob calm, inspired, and curious. He enjoys playing guitar while listening to music and jamming to it. He plays guitar whenever he wants to feel good and get away from overthinking; he prefers playing and composing without words.

Bob’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“Aside from the open and flexible work schedule, my favorite aspect of working at SharedTEAMS is working with a team that encourages me to explore and excel in my field. They have open ears to listen and offer advice and direction when necessary.”

Bob’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
Bob’s Dream Travel Location Is:

Did You Know?

After high school, Bob didn’t have many ideas about what courses he should take in college. One day, his twin brother told him he was taking computer electronics, and he was inviting Bob to enroll. Bob didn’t enjoy math in high school and didn’t want to take math courses in college, but he enrolled in the computer science course the next day anyway. After only a few days taking that class, he realized the computer science course was focused on math and logic formulations, but decided to continue the course as he started to really love computer programming. After school, he started doing graphic design at home, serving people in his neighborhood and school. The school director noticed his graphic design work and he was quickly hired, starting his journey as a graphic designer.


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