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3D Strategies

Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA


An experienced real estate leader needed help launching his independent consulting firm...

He needed to find a marketing partner that could offer a variety of marketing services and a flexible, on-demand team.

3D Strategies also needed to provide branded assets for the clients they served. Often, these deliverables had a short turnaround time.

Case Studies – 3D Strategies
Case Studies – 3D Strategies


3D Strategies’ CEO worked with SharedTEAMS to:

Create a logo and branding guidelines.

Our team helped 3D Strategies differentiate from the competition by developing a logo and branding guidelines.

Case Studies – 3D Strategies
Case Studies – 3D Strategies

Build a company website from the ground up.

We conveyed the CEO’s expertise on the website, which served as the face of the new company and provided legitimacy to the new business.

Design RFQs, land use analyses, and offering memoranda.

We created brand-specific templates to reduce the number of billable hours associated with developing each document by 20%. This also reduced the turnaround time for each asset.

Case Studies – 3D Strategies
Case Studies – 3D Strategies

Nurture different audience segments.

Our team developed lead magnets that spoke to different audience needs, which helped move prospects through the marketing funnel.

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